A〜HA〜!!! some collections!!


I would like to tell you about newest workshop coming soon.
but it will be on next day...sorry...


Hello everyone,

I am Yuta Nakajima, Japanese artist.
I am going to held the workshop using the Korean style stand "pojangmacha" at the visiting Community Space LITMUS.
The Wongok-Dong is a one of the small cities where immigrant workers get together in, will be held the project which aim at collecting ”assemblage”
The small pojangmacha made by collected trash in whole town which is inspired by local people job is the site to get together.
Feel free to join this project, you come to get together to do any things you want.
Some people may be talking about something, Others may be singing some songs, dancing, making a art works, doing workshops, advertising and doing nothing else.
What I would like to do is "I would like to meet YOU to talk ".

現在滞在中のCommunity Space LITMUSにて、韓国式屋台「ポジャンマチャ」を使ったワークショップを開催する運びとなりました。移民労働者が集まるウォンゴクドンという小さな街で、「集まる」を「集める」プロジェクトです。

I would like to talk about many things with all kinds of people from
many different kinds of countries.
I would like to create the place that we collect many things like
local people's job, to people get together to talk about many things.
The site for getting together where people getting together in to
create something with collecting materials.
6th November is the day to get together.
The day is to collect “collecting".
The day is to collect “wanna get together again".


■Outline of Workshop
title : A〜HA〜!!! some collections!!
Date : 6th Nov, 2009 (Fri), 3pm〜night
HP: http://litmus.cc/
Meeting point : at the Wongok-Dong Central park
Map / http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=37.329078,126.790353&num=1&sll=37.318515,126.798873&sspn=0.615264,0.706578&hl=ja&ie=UTF8&ll=37.329074,126.790386&spn=0.009453,0.015192&z=16

☆feel free to join this workshop, please bring the socks you don't
need, the bins of Soju (CharmeeSle and ChuumChurum) and any red color things.


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